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It’s late at night, and you’re standing outside your car, keys dangling tantalisingly just out of reach from the other side of the locked door. Frustration mounts as you realise you’re locked out, and there’s no spare key in sight. Desperate, you reach for your phone and search for an emergency locksmith who can come to your rescue. Little do you know, you’re about to fall victim to one of the many locksmith scams plaguing the industry.

In recent years, the locksmith industry has regrettably become synonymous with scams and deceptive practices. These locksmith scams not only leave you out of pocket but can also strand you in emergency situations, exacerbating an already stressful predicament.

After encountering a locksmith scam, it’s crucial to contact Gardai if you believe you were overcharged or scammed by a fake locksmith, highlighting the risk of fraudulent locksmiths in such emergencies. However, fear not, for there is hope. By arming yourself with knowledge of common tactics and knowing what to watch out for, you can shield yourself from these unscrupulous practices.

At Nolan Locksmiths, we understand the frustration of being scammed by locksmiths who are not reputable. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide reliable locksmith services in Laois. As a PSA-licensed and insured locksmith company, we have been serving the residents of Laois and nearby counties for 41 years.

We are committed to ensuring that our customers are well-informed about locksmith scams that are prominent here in Ireland, so they can avoid falling victim to them.

Most Common Locksmith Scams You Need To Watch Out For

Locksmith Scams #1: Bait-and-Switch Tactics

Bait-and-switch tactics are a common and deceptive practice used by unscrupulous locksmiths. It typically starts with a customer calling for a service and being quoted a surprisingly low price over the phone. However, when the locksmith arrives, they suddenly increase the price, often citing additional fees or the need for expensive parts.

This tactic takes advantage of customers who are in urgent need of locksmith services and may feel pressured to agree to the higher price to regain access to their property.

To avoid falling victim to bait-and-switch tactics, always ask for a written estimate before any work begins. This should include the cost of services and any potential additional fees, providing you with a clear understanding of the total cost.

Additionally, do your research and seek out multiple quotes from reputable locksmiths to ensure you’re getting a fair price for the services you need. Stay informed and vigilant to protect yourself from this common locksmith scam.

Locksmith Scams #2: Fake Online Listings

Fake online listings are a prevalent tactic employed by dishonest locksmiths to deceive unsuspecting customers. These listings closely resemble those of legitimate locksmith companies, often boasting enticingly low prices or emergency services to attract attention. However, behind these seemingly genuine listings lie rogue locksmiths who are intent on exploiting vulnerable individuals in need of immediate assistance.

To safeguard yourself from falling prey to fake online listings, it’s crucial to exercise caution and scepticism when searching for locksmith services online. Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true and always verify the legitimacy of a locksmith before engaging their services.

Look for signs of credibility, such as genuine customer reviews, established business addresses, and proper licensing and accreditation. By remaining vigilant and discerning, you can protect yourself from falling victim to these deceitful practices and ensure that you receive reliable and trustworthy locksmith services.

Locksmith Scams #3: Drilling Unnecessarily

Another common scam involves locksmiths insisting on drilling out your locks, even when it’s unnecessary. In this scam, locksmiths may claim that drilling out the locks is the only solution, even when alternative methods could suffice. By resorting to unnecessary drilling, these locksmiths not only cause damage to your property but also create an opportunity to charge exorbitant fees for replacements or repairs.

To safeguard yourself from falling victim to this deceitful practice, it’s crucial to seek out multiple opinions and quotes from reputable locksmiths before agreeing to any work. A trustworthy locksmith will always explore alternative solutions and only resort to drilling as a last resort when absolutely necessary.

Additionally, be wary of any locksmith who insists on drilling without thoroughly assessing the situation or providing a valid explanation for why it’s required especially when it comes to key extraction. By remaining informed and discerning, you can protect yourself from unnecessary damage and ensure that you receive honest and professional locksmith services.

Locksmith Scams #4: Overcharging for Parts

Overcharging for parts is a common tactic used by dishonest locksmiths to increase their profits. These scammers may claim that basic parts are high-security locks or specialised components, significantly inflating the price.

To avoid being taken advantage of in this way, it’s crucial to educate yourself about the average prices for locksmith services and to ask for a detailed breakdown of costs before agreeing to any work.

Locksmith Red Flags to Watch Out For:

Unmarked Vehicle or Uniforms

Unmarked vehicles or uniforms are a red flag when dealing with locksmiths. Legitimate locksmith companies typically invest in branding, with their vehicles prominently displaying logos and their technicians wearing identifiable uniforms. These visible identifiers reassure customers of their legitimacy and professionalism.

Conversely, scammers often arrive in unmarked vehicles or without proper identification, making it difficult to verify their credentials or hold them accountable for their work. This lack of transparency raises suspicions about the locksmith’s legitimacy and may indicate their intent to engage in deceptive practices.

Therefore, it’s essential to exercise caution and verify the identity of any locksmith before allowing them to perform any work on your property.

Demanding Cash-Only Payments

Demanding cash-only payments is a concerning practice often associated with locksmith scams. Legitimate locksmith businesses typically offer various payment options, including credit cards or checks, to provide convenience and security for their customers.

However, scammers may insist on cash-only payments as a way to avoid traceability and accountability for their services. By accepting cash only, these dishonest locksmiths make it difficult for customers to dispute charges or track down recourse in case of unsatisfactory service.

Therefore, it’s essential to be cautious when encountering locksmiths who demand cash-only payments and to consider it a potential red flag indicating fraudulent intentions.

Lack of Identification or Credentials

Ensuring that a locksmith possesses proper identification and credentials is important to safeguarding yourself against potential scams. Legitimate locksmiths are licensed, bonded, and insured, and they should readily provide proof of these credentials upon request.

Additionally, reputable locksmith companies often require their technicians to carry identification badges or cards that confirm their affiliation with the company. This visible identification not only instils confidence in the technician’s legitimacy but also provides assurance of accountability should any issues arise during the service.

However, scammers may lack such documentation or provide vague or evasive responses when asked for proof of identification. Their reluctance to provide proper credentials should raise immediate red flags, signalling their potential fraudulent intentions. Therefore, it’s crucial always to ask for and verify the locksmith’s credentials before allowing them to commence work on your property.

This simple precaution can help you avoid falling victim to fraudulent locksmiths and ensure that you receive reliable and professional service from a legitimate and trustworthy provider.

Avoid These Locksmith Scams and Only Call Reputable Nolan Locksmiths If You Need Help

When it comes to locksmith services, your security and peace of mind should always be a top priority. Unfortunately, the locksmith industry is rife with scams and deceptive practices that can leave you feeling vulnerable and exploited. To avoid falling victim to these scams, it’s crucial to be vigilant and informed.

At Nolan Locksmiths, we are PSA licensed and insured, ensuring that you receive professional and reliable service every time. Our exceptional customer service has been recognized with the Customer Service Award from Midlands 103, highlighting our dedication to providing the best possible experience for our clients. With 41 years of experience, we are a trusted and reputable locksmith business in Laois and nearby counties.

When you choose Nolan Locksmiths, you can rest assured that you are receiving fast, professional, and reliable locksmith services. Our mobile units allow us to promptly address your locksmith needs wherever you are, ensuring that you are never left stranded. Don’t take chances with your security – avoid locksmith scams and contact Nolan Locksmiths for all your locksmith needs.


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