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Nolan’s Locksmiths County Carlow

Nolan’s Locksmiths County Carlow

Things happen. For one reason or another, the door lock just won’t work. Or the key may break in the process of opening your door. It’s not uncommon to misplace your keys. In fact, cases of house or car lock out are not infrequent.

Are you in such or a similar predicament?

We can help. Nolan’s Locksmiths Carlow offers second to none locksmith services in this region. Our huge investment in hi-tech tools and machines and highly training our staff shows in the exemplary quality of our work.

We offer a wide range of locksmith services, including:

  • Locks repairs. Locks (doors, garage, filing cabinet, fencing, lever, patio etc. locks) stop working for different reasons. Whatever the problem is, we will find and fix it. If the defect is reparable we will repair the lock but if the damage is too extensive we simply replace it.
  • Lock sales. If you are that hands-on person who insists on doing things yourself, come sample the variety of locks at our shop, select the most suitable one for you and go fix it.
  • Car locksmith services. We handle lock and key issues for just about any car out there. We help unlock a jammed trunk, car door lock repair or replacement, broken key retrieval, transponder replacement, key copying and so on.
  • Shoe repairs. Did you know Nolan’s Locksmith started as a shoe repair shop? In case you didn’t, now you do. That explains why we do this though not directly related to the locksmith trade; we are proud of where we came from.
  • Safes installation and access. We install high-quality safes and vaults that meet industry specifications. Also, we can help you gain access in the event the system has hitches.
  • Mobile locksmith. Our branded vans are a portable workshop. When we respond to your call we carry with us every necessary tool needed to get the work done. With this, we are able to finish the work quickly and in one visit only.

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