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Locksmiths Kildare Town

Locksmiths Kildare Town

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced locksmith within Kildare Town and its environs? Look no further than Nolan’s Locksmiths. Our experienced and dedicated workforce work 24/ 7 to resolve all your locksmith issues.

Picture this. You arrive home late one evening, very tired after a hard day’s work only to realize you misplaced your house keys. It can be frustrating, right? But doesn’t have to be. With Nolan Locksmiths, help is only a phone call away. When the emergency calls, call us.

Starting out as a shoe repair shop, we have grown over the years to provide a variety of locksmith and other related services in addition to shoe repairs. Among others, these are the services we offer:

  • Locks repairs. As in the example above, you may misplace your keys. Or the lock may break or the key breaks inside the lock. Sometimes, the door lock just malfunctions and you are locked out. In such a case, we will quickly help gain access to your house then repair or replace the defective lock.
  • Key cutting services. Locks and keys go hand in hand but sometimes you just need a new set of keys. We got you. Using a code or a copy of the original key we can duplicate keys in seconds. Really. So whether it is house keys or car keys you want duplicated come to us.
  • Auto locksmith services. Sometimes the problem is with the car door. You may misplace the key or even lock it inside the car by mistake. Or the lock may fail for whatever reason. Don’t let a missing car key or a problematic door lock ruin your day, just call us for a quick fix to get your day back on track.
  • Fitting and accessing safes. We sell, install and maintain safes for our clients. And it’s important to note that the safes we deal in meet insurance regulations and the relevant cash ratings.

Apart from that we can also help you access your safe in the event of a malfunction. Feel free to use our Locksmiths Kildare Town services even if your safe was not installed by us.

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Locksmith Kildare Town
Locksmiths Kildare Town