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The Curragh Locksmiths

The Curragh Locksmiths

Things happen. For one reason or another the door lock just won’t work or you misplace your keys and you are locked out of your house. You lock your car keys inside the car when you just need to get rolling. Or you want to fetch something from the safe but it won’t open.

Nolan’s Curragh Locksmiths offers second to none locksmith services in Curragh and its outskirts. With our vast experience coupled with very hi-tech tools and machines at our disposal, we get the work done swiftly. Our branded vans are a portable workshop. When we respond to your call we come with all the necessary tools to accomplish the task.

This is what we do:

  • Locks repairs. Locks stop working for many different reasons. Mostly, it is as a result of a defect in the system, a part of the lock breaks or the key breaks therein. We fix such. If it is reparable we will repair it but if it is beyond salvage we replace it all together.
  • We sell locks. If you are that hands-on person who insists on doing things yourself, come sample the variety of locks at our shop, select the most suitable one for you and go fix it.
  • Auto services. Put yourself in this Tim’s shoes. He has an interview for his dream job. Wakes up early, grooms and is set to leave. He must be there in time so he walks to his aging car. Shock on him. For some reason the door just won’t open. Confused and frustrated he paces up and down as he wonders what to do. Poor Tim.

You will agree with me that can be a very frustrating experience. But do not let the frustration consume you. Call us and have us fix it in record time so that you still make it to work or that special occasion in good time.

  • Shoe repairs. Did you know Nolan’s Curragh Locksmith started as a shoe repair shop? In case you didn’t now you know. That explains why we do this though not directly related to the locksmith trade; we are proud of where we came from.
  • Safes installation and access. We install high quality safes and vaults that meet industry specifications. Also, we can help you gain access it in the event the system has hitches.


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The Curragh Locksmiths
The Curragh Locksmith